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G-Biz Canada (which is coined from “Global Business”) is a leading supplier of IP-Network products, which are dedicated to a variety of users, including but not limited to small and medium enterprises, SOHO’s, System
Integrators (SI’s), OEM’s, and large corporations.

G-Biz Canada is the Networking division of a large privately run organization, which includes many divisions including "Telecom & VoIP products", "Web Design" services, "Wholesale Voice Termination"  all under the "MInt" logo.

Unlike the traditional Network Distributor who offers a limited gamut of IP products, “MInt Talk” has an extensive range of IP products. These diverse products are marketed and sold through a global distribution network complimented by a large network of resellers.

The products offered by G-Biz are synergistic. The adherence to the SIP protocol across the product range ensures a product fit for a wide multitude of networks and network solutions.

The G-Biz strategy is to sell directly to the Distributor, who in turn will sell to a group of resellers, and in turn the resellers will sell to the end-user. G-Biz does not sell to the End user.

This “global” presence provides G-Biz with a large Point-of-Presence (POP.) The structure of Distributor/Reseller, coupled with a large assortment of IPCentric products, provides the end-user with a “One-Stop Shopping” facility. In essence, G-Biz appears to the world as a Giant Mall.

G-Biz is fully aware of the fierce competition in the area of IP-Technology. There are superior products, and there are inferior products. Products are Inferior because of the lack of standards compliance, or because of a lack of features, or even because of Pricing.

G-Biz has aligned itself with major products that meet with national and international standards for protocol, emission, and power standards. G-Biz also insisted upon products that were low-cost, high-performance, and “ready-to-ship”.

With POP's in Europe and Africa, and an NOC in New York with failover locations in California and Florida, G-Biz is capable of handling huge volumes of international voice traffic through it's switching facilites which are in excess of 15,000 ports with high quality bandwidth.

G-Biz has its HeadQuarters located in the city of Brampton, in the province of Ontario in Canada, and maintains a Technical Support Point for it's Global Distributors, in Montreal, Canada.

G-Biz Canada, Proudly Canadaian

G-Biz can be reached at

International HeadQuarters:
Montreal Tech Support &
G-Biz Distributors Consultancy Centre:
32 Jaffa Drive, 5175 Blvd des Sources-4,
Brampton, Ontario, Pierrefonds, Quebec,
Canada. L6S 4C5. Canada. H8Y 2N8
Tel.: +1(213) 985-0985 Tel.: +1(514) 683-3791
Email.: INT-HQ@GBizCanada.com Email.: Montreal@GBizCanada.com
European POP:
MInt Telecom
(Registered Office): 2nd Floor
145 – 157 St John Street
London, EC1V 4PY
United Kingdom
Email.: UK@GBizCanada.com
Please address postal mail ONLY to 
Africa POP: our Canadian addresses
Sycamore Avenue
Email: info@NetConnexions.net
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