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VoIP USB Handset

  • MInt-101RS
    The USB Handset with LCD Screen
  • MInt-200A-USB
    USB Skype™ Handset without LCD
  • MInt-06L-SX
    USB SKYPE™ Handset with LCD
  • MInt-06-SX
    USB SKYPE™ Handset without LCD
  • MInt-110USB
    USB SKYPE™ Handset without LCD
  • MInt-200BL
    USB Handset with LCD
  • MInt-B-EX
    USB Handset with LCD
  • MInt-218BL
    USB Handset with LCD
  • MInt-109BL
    USB Handset with LCD
  • MInt-200SX
    USB Handset without LCD

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