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Welcome to MInt - The VoIP & Telecom area @ G-Biz
Fibre Optic Making Connections Video Phone
Making Business Easy RJ 45, RJ 11 Making Coverage
Wholesale Voice Termination
Global VoIP & Telecom Source Point
Voice Convergence
MInt Connexions - Packet Convergence
Welcome to MInt Telecom, the Wholesale Voice Termination division at G-Biz.
Where we have direct routes to the global Tier 1 Carriers.
Where we give you
"Packet Convergence".
At MInt Telecom we do not just give you an A-Z termination rate card. Instead, we discuss individual routes with you.

MInt Talk - The Global VoIP Source Point

Welcome to MInt Talk, the VoIP Hardware division at G-Biz.
Where we give you
"Everything VoIP"

At MInt Talk we are a Global Supplier of VoIP Hardware & IP Telephony services around the World through our chain of Distributors.
We focus on our Distributors, not direct sales, so our Distributors and their Resellers do not have to worry about conflict of interest.
MInt pbx - Converging Voice Technologies
Welcome to MInt pbx, the division at G-Biz where we supply Analogue & IP PBX systems through our network of global Distributors.
Download a White Paper entitled,
"Hosted PBX, Is there an Alternative"
click here
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